Digital Batteries

Digital Batteries
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Battery characteristics:
Mainly used in new electronic products, but also applicable to all types of electronic toys, lamps, etc.
Using plastic film flexible packaging design, which greatly improve the safety performance of the battery, all the products are through acupuncture, short circuit, vibration, impact, heavy impact, free fall, over discharge and other tests.
Standard voltage 3.7V, battery low internal resistance, high energy density, high discharge rate, 1.2A discharge platform stability, fast charging.
Model is complete, the battery shape according to customer demand for design and customization.
Long cycle life, the remaining capacity is greater than 300 cycles of 85%.
Battery has good high temperature performance.
Low self-discharge.
Green products comply with CE, ROHS, REACH requires

Should be in the field:
Widely used: Tablet PC, smart phones, Bluetooth audio.
Charging and discharging and product life figure: